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Workplace Safety CoverGet More Information on Cable Management

Click here to download a useful document that describes lots of interesting background information on the legal requirements of employers and outlines the unseen and un-thought of hazards that will persist if nothing is done. The very minimum requirement of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is to regularly assess ALL types of risk.

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audit form cover

Cable Safety Audit Form

A simple and quick way to assess cable safety risks along with a suggested range of inexpensive and easily used products that safely and effectively manage those risks once identified.

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Know Your Limit

Use this handy tool to ensure that when you have to use an extension block that you don’t accidentally overload it – potentially causing all sorts of problems!

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Layout 112 Easy Checks to Help Avoid Electrical Fires

It does exactly what it says – some simple housekeeping practices to minimise the risk of electrical fires.

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Layout 1

BS6396:2008 – Does this apply to you?

A simple CSAW guidance note to help determine if you need to be compliant with BS6396 – might be worth reading this before buying at the BSi shop!

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Cable Safety Auditors

If you are not confident about conducting your own audit, then these companies are prepared to come to your premises and conduct the audit for you – please leave your details on the contact page and we will arrange for the company most local to you to make contact.


sliptripworkPreventing Slips and Trips at Work

A guidance leaflet issued by the HSE that offers useful notes on preventing slips and trips at work – the contributor of more than half of all serious injury and lost time accident causes.

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Click on the images below for more helpful free posters that you can print out to increase awareness and promote proactivity by all members of the workforce.

HSE Cable Trip Poster Watch Your Step campaign - poster